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Treasury Dept. May Be Obstructing Senate Committee’s Probe Into Russian Election Meddling

Treasury Dept. May Be Obstructing Senate Committee’s Probe Into Russian Election Meddling

The Treasury Department seems to be stonewalling the Senate Intel Committee’s investigation into Russian election meddling. The committee has been trying to follow the money trail for over a year, however, the Treasury Department does not seem to be eager to help.

BuzzFeedNews notes that the Treasury Dept. has not given the Intel Committee crucial financial documents. The Dept. has also refused to lend the committee an expert to decipher all of the complex information last year. The stonewalling is even apparent to Treasury Dept. staffers who now wonder if the department is purposely hindering the investigation.

This is not the first time the Treasury Dept. has dragged its feet to help the Senate Intel Committee. In the past, the department has taken as long as four months to respond to a request from the committee. This news is contrast by the Committee Chair Richard Burr’s statement to BuzzFeedNews. He insists that the committee has received every requested document. On the other hand, sources from within the Treasury Department’s FinCen told BuzzFeed that they were first told not to hand over financial documents linked to certain individuals.

Committee chair Sen. Burr stressed the importance of the financial documents saying that the documents, “play a part of a very important roadmap just like every other piece of evidence..”

“They tell us whether you turn right or you turn left,” The Republican Senator added.

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Even if the Senate Committee has received all requested financial documents they will still have trouble deciphering the records. Unlike Special Counsel Mueller’s team, the Senate Intel Committee does not have financial experts at its disposal.

It’s not fully understood at this time why the Treasury Department is reluctant to help the Sen. Committee’s investigation but none-the-less, requests continue to be made and delayed.

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