Transcard Executive Fired For Posting Racist Lynching Meme About Obama

Gary Casper has been fired from his executive position at Transcard which is based in Tennessee. Casper was fired after he posted a racist lynching meme to his Facebook. The meme showed former President Barack Obama with a rope around his neck. The meme was accompanied by the hashtag  “#PayPerView.” The Chattanooga Free Press reports that Casper was the Vice President of the IT division for Transcard. The backlash began once the meme went viral and made the rounds.

The firing came once the bosses at Transcard got a hold of the meme. Transcard posted this comment on their Facebook page on Sunday, The views reflected in posts made by individuals do not reflect the views or values of Transcard. This issue is being handled according to company policy. The individual of recent concern is no longer employed with the company. Thank you for your concern.”

Chris Fuller, who is the President of Transcard had this to say about the situation to Times Free Press,  “As soon as Transcard realized that an employee was utilizing social media to engage in political speech, it took immediate action to terminate its relationship with such person.”  Transcard’s social media account, as well as, Fuller’s and the company’s CEO’s has been deleted, according to reports.

Casper’s meme could also be a prosecutable offense according to the Justice Department’s Criminal Resource Manual. The manual states that “Threats Against Former Presidents, And Certain Other Secret Service Protectees” can lead to prosecution. However, there is a catch to the statute. It states that the charge  “would not only require proof that the statement could reasonably be perceived as a threat but would also require some evidence that the maker intended the statement to be a threat. Objective circumstances would bear upon the proof of both subjective intent and objective perceptions.”

This comes after Donald Trump Jr. posted a video of his Father slapping Obama after Obama criticized Trump sr.’s coronavirus response. It seems that racial tensions are still on the rise.

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