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‘Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!’: Pence Heckled At Conservative Event

‘Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!’: Pence Heckled At Conservative Event

At first, Former Vice President Mike Pence was greeted by cheers when he appeared on stage at the Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Kissimmee, Florida, a Republican gathering which was billed as “charting a policy course toward a conservative majority”. Those cheers soon turned to jeers, however, as Pence was briefly interrupted by a woman who shouted “traitor” several times before she was escorted out.

Pence ignored the outburst and continued with his speech, where he also misrepresented the relationship between police and Black Lives Matter protesters. “After 140 days, the Biden administration and Washington Democrats pushing open borders, higher taxes, runaway spending, defunding the police, abortion on demand, censoring free speech, canceling our most cherished liberties — the time has come for every American dedicated to faith and freedom to stand up and be heard and turn back the agenda of the radical left,” he said.

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 07: Vice President Mike Pence reads the final certification of Electoral College votes cast in November’s presidential election during a joint session of Congress, after working through the night, at the Capitol on January 7, 2021 in Washington, DC. Congress reconvened to ratify President-elect Joe Biden’s 306-232 Electoral College win over President Donald Trump, hours after a pro-Trump mob broke into the U.S. Capitol and disrupted proceedings. (Photo by J. Scott Applewhite – Pool/Getty Images)

Pence also slammed the Democratic Party, which he claimed was responsible for setting “off a violent crime wave that’s wreaking havoc on families all across the country,” and took a swipe at the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Black lives are not endangered by police. Black lives are saved by police,” Pence said. “We don’t need to defund the police, we need to defend the police.” He did not address the numerous deaths of Black people in police custody, including George Floyd in Minneapolis, which sparked protests for racial justice and police reforms last summer in cities across the country.


Pence has long ignored the reality that his former boss sent a mob to kill him on January 6th, simply saying instead that he may never see “eye to eye” with the former guy about the insurrection At a GOP event in early June, Pence called it a “dark day in the history of the United States Capitol”. But he is clearly remaining loyal to Trump, calling his time in the White House the honor of his life. He also continues to represent the Republican platform to “Back the Blue”, but apparently only if the officers are white.

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