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TPUSA Senior Manager Encouraged Students to Secretly Record ‘Liberal’ Professors to Get Them Fired

TPUSA Senior Manager Encouraged Students to Secretly Record ‘Liberal’ Professors to Get Them Fired

If you can’t beat them, get rid of them.

That seems to be the new MAGA messaging as Republicans who still remain loyal to Trump face the 2022 midterms with a full docket of legal challenges to their Dear Leader and others in his inner circle. Aside from the January 6th House Select Committee gaining more ground by the day, there’s the grand jury in Fulton County and the New York Attorney General’s investigation into the Trump Organization. Trump’s messengers have already incorporated gaslighting, distraction, and projection into their messaging, but when even those fail to help them erase the parts of their own history they don’t like, there’s always full-on harassment to drive their vocal opponents into silence or worse.

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“Cancel culture” has fully given way to Revenge Culture, where one tweet or one vote is deemed bad enough by some MAGA snowflake, and BOOM, suddenly people are being forced into hiding or deleting all of their social media accounts. And while the right has no problem making Kyle Rittenhouse into a folk hero, they’ll troll anyone who drops a compliment about Dr. Fauci. As they continue to push the Big Lie, they’re also learning that sometimes those pesky facts still get in their way no matter how hard they try to ignore them. Here’s where that social media canceling thing comes in extra handy. Now the messaging is to create a scandal where there really wasn’t one. And where better to fight the truth than where it’s taught?

Our friend Patriot Takes unearthed this video from Turning Point USA, which is a “Student Movement for Freedom, Free Markets, and Limited Government” according to their Twitter bio. Basically, it’s Charlie “Even Drier Than the Sahara” Kirk indoctrinating the whitest kids u know to turn against their government because it’s way more fun to be a jerk than learn how to work with others who might not agree with you. Anyway, something called a Driena Sixto tells the Hitler Youth of Tomorrow to just pick fights with their professors when they don’t like the truths they’re hearing, and then record it all to blow up their lives.

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How is anyone expected to fight against this kind of dangerous groupthink when they’re sent the message that it’s cooler to be terrible than it is to think about the greater good? If Democrats aren’t capable of being louder than the lies, this country won’t ever be able to come back from the damage the Trump administration has done.


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