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Toronto Star Busts Donald Trump For Making Up Fake Stories During Rallies

Toronto Star Busts Donald Trump For Making Up Fake Stories During Rallies

President Donald Trump appears to be making up fake stories at rallies to make himself sound like an American hero. The President’s fake stories have now been revealed thanks to the work of Canadian newspaper, The Toronto Star.

The newspaper, which has created an amazing tool to fact check Donald Trump’s lies (see if here and bookmark it), has made it a mission to expose the President’s ludicrous claims.

On Saturday, the publication pointed to a story Trump told about nine miners who cried tears of joy when they were told he was saving their industry. The very next week, Trump told the exact same story but with eight steelworkers.

“Trump tells a lot of stories about his private interactions with people,” the Star notes. “So although Trump is a serial liar, we can’t say for sure that he is making all of these stories up.

However, the publication then goes on to point out numerous stories of people breaking down in tears after meeting with the President. The stories tell almost the exact same narrative every time while featuring people from different walks of life. From the CEO’s of major companies to farmers, small business owners, parents of Korean War soldiers, and others, nobody is off limits.

The President also likes to claim that people who disagree with him feel his wrath and break down into tears, such as former White House Staffer Omorosa Manigault Newman.

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Trump has gone so far as to claim that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team cried at Hillary Clinton’s election night party. Keep in mind that Mueller is a long-time Republican.

In perhaps the funniest of moments, Trump claimed that he hasn’t cried a single time since he was a baby — which, to this author, sounds more like the symptom of being a sociopath and not something to champion on your own behalf.

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