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Top GOP Donor Says He Can’t Support Trump In Another Presidential Run

Top GOP Donor Says He Can’t Support Trump In Another Presidential Run

Donald Trump keeps hinting to potential voters and donors that he plans to run for president again, although he hasn’t made any official declarations. Some close to him believe that the legal system will be a barrier to this plan, as Trump faces multiple lawsuits, and is presumed to be a target of the tax case in which his company has already been indicted. Now there may be another hurdle if he hopes to hold the White House again: donors.

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Trump is still widely seen as the leader of the Republican Party, and still has a significant influence. However, funding could always shift how the party sees him, and one major donor to the GOP has now officially and publicly rejected him.

Bloomberg described Ken Griffin as not just a major donor, but the fourth-largest individual giver to the GOP in the last election cycle, with a total of $46 million in monetary gifts to a list of entities. However, he says he’s never directly supported Trump, who he believes was “not constructive” for the country, although he approved of the former president’s economic policies.

However, as Bipartisan Report points out, support of Republican PACs during the Trump election cycle inevitably ends up helping and supporting Trump, who was running as an incumbent.

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If major donors start threatening to pull funding from PACs, it could influence the support a candidate would be able to receive from those groups, and from GOP leadership — and could impact Trump’s ability to run again.

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