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Toobin: Dems Asleep at Switch on Trump Taxes

Toobin: Dems Asleep at Switch on Trump Taxes

Once the new year began, Democrats took control of the House and heated up investigations on Donald Trump. The Mueller Report remained ever present for lawmakers and that is where Democratic leadership has focused.

At the same time, Russian Collusion is not the only misdeed the President has been accused of. Trump also mounted a significant legal fight to keep his tax returns from being released. According to CNN Legal Expert, Jeffrey Toobin, the Democrats should be working harder to ensure that the returns are delivered to the House Ways and Means Committee.

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The lawyer was especially critical of the Committee’s chairman, Representative Richard Neal of Massachusetts. Toobin told the panel, “I think Neal has been totally asleep at the switch. It’s July. Where has he been. There are lots of disputes going on about access to documents in congressional investigations, but there’s a very specific law that says the Ways and Means Committee is entitled to ask for tax returns.”

The legal analyst continued, “It’s very clear and Neal has been jerking around and holding hearings and writing letters and trying the make a record when this is actually a very simple case that should have been filed in February, not in July, and now it will be in the district court and the circuit court and the Supreme Court.”

Toobin even worried aloud about how this could affect the 2020 election. He remarked, “Who knows if it will be resolved before the next presidential election.”

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