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Tomi Lahren Quickly Deletes Racist Tweet Toward Elizabeth Warren

Tomi Lahren Quickly Deletes Racist Tweet Toward Elizabeth Warren

Moments ago Fox Nation Host Tomi Lahren made what can best be described as a racially charged tweet attacking 2020 Democrat Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren. The tweet has since been deleted.

At approximately 3:15pm EST Tomi Lahren, known for her conservative views online and on Fox Nation, tweeted out an image taken from an Instagram video that Elizabeth Warren took on New Years Day from her home. In the background, there are various decorations and knickknacks. In Lahren’s image of Warren, she has one of these knickknacks circled. Lahren then posted alongside it an image of a figurine of what appears to be an African American eating a watermelon.

In what appears to be an attempt to imply racism on the part of Elizabeth Warren, Lahren seems to have realized that her possible attempt at political humor may not be taken well by even her own followers.

The figurine behind Warren in the video is clearly not the racially-sensitive image that Lahren suggested. We reached out to Fox Nation and Tomi Lahren about the incident but have yet to hear back.

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The symbolism regarding watermelons and African Americans has been a racially charged one for well over a century. Defenders of slavery frequently used the fruit to paint African Americans as simple-minded. They used the reference to the fruit to imply that these people were happy when provided watermelon and a little rest. Watermelons have also been viewed as a major symbol in the iconography of racism here in the United States.

For those who care about the truthfulness of the stereotype, a survey conducted in the mid-1990s indicated that African Americans actually consume less watermelon than other races in the United States.

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