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Tomi Lahren Gets Shut Down By County Clerk For Pushing Election Disinformation

Tomi Lahren Gets Shut Down By County Clerk For Pushing Election Disinformation

Whether Tomi Lahren didn’t know how voter registration works, or was merely counting on her message reaching people who don’t, she tweeted out a message last week calculated to promote conspiracy theories about election fraud. Fortunately, a county clerk was paying attention, and stepped in to shut down the misleading claims.

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A subset of Republicans, led by Donald Trump, have insisted that mail-in ballots make voting far less secure. They’d have voters believe that being able to mail in a ballot has opened up elections to rampant fraud, with ineligible voters sending in fake ballots and other fraudsters voting repeatedly.

There are protections in place to prevent both of these, and the fact that the handful of voters who do engage in fraud get caught demonstrates that those protections work. Still, Lahren and others jump on opportunities to misleadingly suggest that the system allows such fraud.

For example, when Lahren received voting information from her prior voting district in California (and she doesn’t say whether it was sent directly to her Tennessee address or forwarded) she sent out a tweet hinting that this alone made fraud a clear widespread issue.

Note that she doesn’t say she received a mail-in ballot, but “ballot information.” She also doesn’t mention whether she canceled her registration in California, when she last voted in that state, or any other relevant information that could help judge her claims.

Good news — someone with access to that information was paying attention. Someone at the LA County Registrar and Clerk’s office tweeted out a response, noting that Tomi’s California voter registration is actually inactive, and that it would only be reactivated if she — criminally — signed documents swearing that she still held a California residence and voting eligibility. She was also invited to cancel her California registration entirely through a quick DM.

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When others weighed in, the County Clerk account affirmed again that what Lahren received was not and could not be a ballot, since they are not sent to voters marked as inactive.

Lahren, of course, did not respond to the correction.

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