Tomi Lahren Blames Boyfriend In Breonna Taylor Shooting

Former television host and commentator Tomi Lahren weighed in on the shooting of Breonna Taylor, the decision not to charge officers in her death, and the protests following. In a series of tweets, she blamed Taylor’s boyfriend for her death, said that the shooting was a “tragedy but not a murder,” and said that Black Lives Matter activists are using this as an ‘excuse’ to destroy communities, harass people, and attack officers.

Tomi Lahren attacks Black Lives Matter
[Photo by Michael Schwartz/Getty Images]

Though one officer involved in the Breonna Taylor case was charged, Brett Hankison was charged with ‘wanton endangerment,’ because his shots went through walls, potentially endangering neighbors. The other two officers involved were not charged with any crime. After the announcement Wednesday afternoon, white militia members, armed and wearing protective gear, walked through the streets of Louisville, preparing for protests.

While protestors demonstrated to call for justice, one man shot two police officers, as CBS reports, and Governor Andy Beshear pleaded with protestors and militia members to all go home, and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer implored, “If you want to protest, please return during the daylight to peaceably protest. Violence does not get us any closer to a fair, just and equitable Louisville.”

Tomi Lahren took to Twitter to blame Kenneth Walker for firing a warning shot when he heard people entering his home, suggesting he was at fault for the death of his girlfriend, Breonna Taylor, to repeatedly declare the death ‘not a murder,’ and to accuse activists of using it as an ‘excuse’ to destroy property and hate police.

The broadly made claim is not that officers shot Taylor in a ‘racist rage,’ but that the way the system responds to Black suspects, the way the system handles the deaths of innocent Black people, and the way society responds to the deaths of innocent Black people, is a function of systemic racism.

She lashed out at protestors, conflating masses of peaceful protestors and mourners with individuals destroying property, and the individual who shot two officers and is in custody.

Lahren repeatedly claimed that the Black Lives Matter is just ‘an excuse’ for people who want to behave lawlessly, destroy property, and attack police.

Notably, Tomi Lahren has also lashed out at athletes kneeling in protest at games, which is nonviolent activism, and does not differentiate between protestors who are crying, singing, or chanting, and the individuals who engage in violent activity. She also seems to have nothing to say about white militia members showing up with weapons.

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