Tom Arnold: Roseanne Barr Really Hated Trump Before Becoming MAGA Celebrity

Over the last couple of years, comic Roseanne Barr has become more vocal about her political beliefs. It has cost her. After she posted a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, she was fired from a reboot of her hit show Roseanne. 

Since she was 'cancelled,' Barr has grown more and more supportive of the MAGA movement. This week, she appeared at a Turning Point USA event where she told the audience, "If we don’t stop these horrible communists. Do you hear me. I’m asking you to hear me. Stalinists! Communists! With a huge helping of Nazi fascists thrown in."

Educator Tim Wise wrote on X, "The de-evolution of Roseanne Barr has been a sh*t show to watch. I remember in 1990 when she and @TomArnold sent $2500 to the anti-David Duke organization I worked for to help defeat him in the US Senate race. Today, she'd probably send Duke the money instead. Sad."

Tom Arnold, who was married to Barr in the 90s, responded to the post:

"We hated David Duke. Loved Edwin Edwards. We supported Bill Clinton. Went to his Inauguration. LOVED Hillary Clinton. Had her in our home raising $ for Democrats. Roseanne HATED Donald Trump. After we divorced Trump told me I was lucky because she was disgusting. Life is strange."