To Protect “White Demographics In America,” Charlie Kirk Wants Citizen Militia At Border

Sometimes, right-wingers just go ahad and say the quiet part aloud, even knowing in advance that they’re doing it. In this case, Charlie Kirk seems to realize, and says, “I’m just going to go ahead and say it” anyway.

[Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon]

In the clip below, courtesy of Media Matters For America‘s Jason Campbell, Kirk is complaining about immigrants entering the country and applying for asylum. He claims that “the left” has admitted they’re welcoming asylum-seekers only because of their votes, and says this threatens “white demographics.” However, he’s proposing a solution — a militia of deputized civilians, sent to the border with handcuffs. (He stops short of saying whether they should have weapons.)

“I know so many amazing patriots in the great state of Texas — and I love Texas — that have been waiting and are willing for this moment. Deputize a citizen force. Put ’em on the border. Give ’em handcuffs. Get it done. Sure that’s dramatic. You know what’s dramatic? The invasion of the country…the other side has openly admitted this is about bringing in voters that they want and they like, and honestly, diminishing and decreasing white demographics in America. We’re gonna say that part out loud. So many people in the corporate media are afraid to talk about it.”

A force of citizens who consider themselves great patriots and are prepared to fight to keep immigrants and asylum-seekers out of the United States? So, this wasn’t bad enough?

Even border agents patrolling have resulted in such a horrific human rights violation that the President and U.S. Government are having to move to correct the problem — but Kirk seems to think a civilian force would be a good idea?

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