TN Lawmaker, Once Duped By The Onion, Wants To Officially Codify CNN As ‘Fake News’

A Tennessee lawmaker who once used an article from The Onion on the floor of the State House of Representatives has submitted a resolution to officially label legitimate news organizations like CNN and the Washington Post as “fake news.”

Tennessee State Rep. Micah Van Huss, a Republican from Jonesborough, submitted House Joint Resolution 779, which so far doesn’t have any co-signers.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The resolution condemns CNN and the Washington Post as being “part of the media wing of the Democratic Party,” per reporting from Newsweek.

“The left…[are] the true masters of deploying mobs to demand total conformity and compliance with their agenda,” part of his agenda reads.

It also claims that the media “is in a panic because President Trump has opened the eyes of many average Americans who are tired of politics as usual.”

“We condemn them for denigrating our citizens and implying that they are weak-minded followers instead of people exercising their rights that our veterans paid for with their blood,” the resolution concludes. 

The irony in Van Huss trying to label these two media organizations as “fake news” is somewhat laughable, as the Republican once cited The Onion, a satirical news company, to justify his opinion on college hazing in 2018.

“I’m reading right here on The Onion a report about Kentucky seniors who hazed freshman basketball players,” Van Huss said in April of that year, per reporting from The Tennessee Journal.

Nevertheless, despite his belief in the importance of the issue, Van Huss voted to table a measure that would have addressed it for more study.

When confronted about using The Onion as a source, Van Huss tried to justify the citation of it by saying, “You’ll find more real news on The Onion than on CNN.”

Brad Batt, a declared political opponent of Van Huss’s for the 2020 elections, criticized the resolution declaring CNN and the Washington Post as being “fake news” as being a real waste of time.

“People in our district are struggling to pay bills, our teachers are buying supplies out of their own pockets, and we live in the middle of a medical monopoly that gouges our citizens when they seek medical care,” Batt said. “We should be focused on addressing real problems.”

Van Huss has had other controversial statements in the past — including in 2019, when he said he couldn’t find anything “evil” in forcing a hypothetical teenager to carry to full term a child conceived by her rapist.

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