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TL;DR (Video) — Trump Claims Credit For Positive Jobs Report…Does He Deserve The Recognition?

TL;DR (Video) — Trump Claims Credit For Positive Jobs Report…Does He Deserve The Recognition?

The jobs report on Friday for the month of November revealed that 266,000 jobs were created for that month. That’s a good thing, to be sure, and a lot of people are crediting President Donald Trump for having an economy that resulted in that number of jobs created…including President Donald Trump himself.

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The thing is, the economy may have created those jobs numbers because of his policies, but also in spite of them. A lot of where you stand on whether the “Trump economy” is a real thing or not depends on whether you are a Trump supporter or not.

In this episode of “Chris Walker’s TL;DR,” Chris takes a look at the job numbers from last month, the positive economy that has existed under Trump’s watch, and whether he deserves the credit for it or not. Indeed, a number of times this year, the stock market has faltered solely BECAUSE of Trump’s actions — from when the government shutdown happened because the president wanted a border wall, to when the economy tanked because of the escalating trade war with China.

And of course, who can forget the study that revealed the stock market does poorly, on average, every time Trump tweets more than 35 times per day? Is the Trump economy even a thing, given that Trump’s tax cuts haven’t produced that much of a positive outcome? Chris takes a look at it all, in the video below!

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From the YouTube video description: “President Donald Trump took a victory lap on Friday for positive numbers that showed 266,000 jobs were created in the month of November. Does he deserve all of the credit, though?”

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