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#TimeToExpelMarjorie Is Trending — Here’s How You Can Add Your Name To The Petition

#TimeToExpelMarjorie Is Trending — Here’s How You Can Add Your Name To The Petition

Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t stop being at the center of controversy and scandal in D.C. She’s been called out for antisemitism and other bigotries, as well as harassment of her colleagues. Now there’s an effort to force Congress to expel her, and a hashtag connected to the petition is trending as the movement grows on social media.

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The petition, which you can sign here, was started by David Weissman. He identifies himself as a veteran, Jewish, and a former Republican and Trump supporter.

It’s to his military experience that he attributes his recognition of Greene as a threat:

As a veteran of the armed forces, I’ve been trained to assess threats and there is a serious threat to our country sitting in Congress that goes by the name of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

He cites as evidence her support of the proposed murder of the Speaker of the House (as Washington Post reported in January, Greene liked Facebook comments graphically describing Pelosi’s death by bullet), her support of the January insurrection attempt, and her anti-Semitic comments (which range from the absurd Jewish space lasers to suggesting that being required to wear a mask is like being Jewish during the Holocaust).


The momentum has grown to a fever pitch on social media, with the hashtag @TimeToExpelMarjorie trending attached to the petition.

Greene has only been in Congress since January, but is already potentially facing an ethics investigation for her harassment of her colleague, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

One more time, here’s the link to the petition, which, at the time of this writing, has been up for only hours but already has thousands of signatures.

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