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TIME Interview w/ Tucker Carlson: Talking With Tucker Carlson, the Most Powerful Conservative in America

TIME Interview w/ Tucker Carlson: Talking With Tucker Carlson, the Most Powerful Conservative in America

In an interview with TIME’s Charlotte Alter, Tucker Carlson shared his thoughts on the Republican Party, racial and class inequality, wanting a far less race-conscious America, censorship, and if he will run for President, among other topics.
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Key highlights from the interview include:
  • On the Republican Party: “’First of all, they’re inept and bad at governing,’ he said. ‘The party is much more effective as an oppositional force than it is as a governing party.'”
  • Tucker Carlson on racial inequality and class inequality: “‘The way we’re thinking about these problems is false, and that’s by design,’ he told me. ‘And the more time we spend arguing about Latin vs. LatinX, or whatever the f–k it’s called, the less time we’re talking about the carried-interest loophole or the 15,000 other ways that a tiny group of people are looting the country.’”
  • Tucker Carlson on white supremacists: “‘I want a far less race-conscious America.’….’The never-ending attacks on ‘white supremacists,’ ‘white nationalists,’ ‘white this’ ‘white that,’ what effect is that going to have?’ he says. ‘I don’t want to live in a country where your race is the most important thing about you. That is a dead-end. It never ends well.’….’ If he got up there and said, you know, ‘The problem is the Blacks’ or ‘the Asians’ or ‘the Jews,’ we’d be like, ‘What! No! You can’t talk that way, that’s horrible. What effect is this gonna have on people?’ he said, getting increasingly animated. ‘You think there won’t be a backlash to that? You think this isn’t making people radical in bad ways? Oh yes it is.’”
  • Tucker Carlson on censorship: “‘I think there are systems in place that censor people for challenging the people in power,’ he said. ‘It’s expressed as a kind of religious mania: Hunt down the heretics. How dare you defend Beethoven, or math, or Dr. Seuss, or whatever. But to focus on them is to miss the point, which is, this is no longer a free country.’”
  • Tucker Carlson on speculation about a presidential run: “‘That seems like the unhappiest job you could have,’ he said. ‘I just don’t have any ambitions like that. I have zero interest in being loved by people I don’t know.’”
You can read the full piece HERE.
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