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Tiffany Cross: Trump/DeSantis Feud Comes Down to ‘Who’s The Bigger Racist’ [VIDEO]

Tiffany Cross: Trump/DeSantis Feud Comes Down to ‘Who’s The Bigger Racist’ [VIDEO]

It was always a matter of time before a feud broke out between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Trump is desperate to control the Republican party, and DeSantis is the primarily likely lawmaker to take it from him. So it was no surprise that the former president has started attacking the Florida governor.

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And while Trump hasn’t called out DeSantis by name, it was clear that he was talking about his rival when he called out ‘gutless’ governors who won’t push boosters. Tiffany Cross broke down the rivalry between the two men on her Saturday broadcast.

The MSNBC host opined, “It is very frightening to see how obnoxious these two men compete with each other, and DeSantis is going out of his way to appeal, like, ‘No, I’m the bigger racist. I’m the most inept. I’m the one that you want to like, Republicans.'”

Cross continued by discussing new legislation proposed by the Florida governor. “This bill, backed by DeSantis, would prohibit Florida’s public schools and private business from making White people feel discomfort or guilt.”

CNBC’s Katie Phang then weighed in:

“DeSantis was not contented with his trying to kill all of us down here with his COVID policies. But now we obviously have shifted to the idea that we have to go to the real battlegrounds, which are the minds of our young ones. What the pursuit is by DeSantis and these bills, such as the one you just talked about, is the idea that reality doesn’t exist, and it’s the one that’s the construct of the systemic racist.”

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