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This Justice Department Statement Reads Like A Warning To Donald Trump

This Justice Department Statement Reads Like A Warning To Donald Trump

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As reported yesterday, yet another person in Donald Trump’s circle has been arrested and indicted. Something that stands out in this case, though, is a statement from the Justice Department on the message they intend to send to America — and it sounds like it’s directed at the former president.

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Thomas Joseph Barrack is one of three defendants charged with acting as unregistered foreign agents. The Justice Department’s statement first directly connects the charges to Trump, without actually mentioning his name, then goes on to issue a warning that explicitly includes wealthy men with hefty political power.

The Department of Justice release is actually titled with the defendants’ connection to Trump:

Former Advisor to Presidential Candidate Among Three Defendants Charged with Acting as Agents of a Foreign Government

The release goes on to describe how the three defendants used Barrack’s connections to “a candidate who was eventually elected President… to advance the policy goals of a foreign government without disclosing their true allegiances.”

Then comes the warning. It’s issued to all, but sounds like it might have a particular target. See the quote below from Acting Assistant Attorney General Mark Lesko, with emphasis added.

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“The conduct alleged in the indictment is nothing short of a betrayal of those officials in the United States, including the former President. Through this indictment, we are putting everyone — regardless of their wealth or perceived political power — on notice that the Department of Justice will enforce the prohibition of this sort of undisclosed foreign influence.”

Someone who has wealth and political power, and might think that those would be effective shields against indictments and consequences, and who has also been accused of colluding with a foreign government to, for example, interfere with an election — do we know anyone that could possibly be about?

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