This Is The Donald Trump Abortion Payoff Story You’ve Been Hearing About

The story of Donald Trump trying to pay off a housekeeper who he impregnated, and pressure her into an abortion, has resurfaced. However, since the news broke in 2018, there have been scandals, outrages, and explosive stories from the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice accused of rape, to impeachment, to a pandemic. So, if one more tale of a sordid affair with a hush-money ending has slipped your mind, here’s a refresher.

Donald Trump tried to pay Catholic housekeeper to get abortion
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According to Vox, the story takes place in the late 1980s, and narrowly missed coming to light in 2015. In 2018, it was revealed by Ronan Farrow, but has disappeared in the tidal wave of other stories and incidents surrounding the president.

Now, Noel Casler, who worked with the Trump family on Celebrity Apprentice, and is a vocal critic of the president, has revived it on social media.

Trump’s Supreme Court appointee is being praised by conservatives for being pro-life. When the topic of abortion comes up around Donald Trump, two points tend to be raised: his prior support of abortion rights, and the question of whether he ever paid for any abortions himself.

Dino Sajudin, who used to work as a doorman for Trump, says that the businessman has at least once attempted to pay for an abortion for his own convenience. He tried to sell the story to American Media, Inc. (AMI) in 2015 — and was successful, in a sense. He was paid for the exclusive rights to the story, which was then never printed.

In his book, Disloyal, Trump’s long-time personal lawyer and ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen describes this procedure. AMI paid for a story they never intended to print, with the expectation that the businessman would reimburse them. He also describes helping Trump cover up the Stormy Daniels story with a payoff.

Though AMI — through Dylan Howard, speaking as Chief of Staff of an AMI publication, the Enquirer — confirmed the payment, they deny that this was a catch-and-kill. Howard told Radar Online that it was a case of being unable to sufficiently verify the story. Vox called this out, suggesting it was ” puzzling” from “a company that, on Thursday, April 12, was running pieces speculating that Michael Jackson might still be alive.”

The story, according to Sajudin, is that Trump had an affair with a housekeeper, and she became pregnant, and did give birth to a child whose father is Donald Trump. A woman who was alleged to be the affair partner in the story denied it, and the story itself has never been confirmed. It’s certainly not confirmed that he specifically tried to pressure a Catholic woman into an abortion, and that she left the country instead, as Casler alleges.

All that can be confirmed absolutely is that Dino Sajudin did try to sell this story to AMI, and was paid for it; that the story was not printed; and that Sajudin passed a lie detector test swearing that he was told this during his employment at Trump World Towers, by employees and residents.

However, in 2016, the Guardian reported on Donald Trump’s answer when asked if he had ever been involved with a partner who had an abortion. Trump’s response was, “‘Such an interesting question. So what’s your next question?’”

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