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“This Is Not True” RNC Responds To Book Alleging Staffers Voted Against Trump

“This Is Not True” RNC Responds To Book Alleging Staffers Voted Against Trump

Michael Bender of the Wall Street Journal has a new book coming out that follows the events leading to Donald Trump’s loss in his bid for re-election. When Fox News reported on one particular aspect, though, the Republican National Committee came out in denial.

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Fox News contacted the RNC to verify a story in Bender’s book that suggested when Bill Stepien took over as Trump’s campaign manager, he began to question whether RNC staff under Ronna McDaniel was showing enough loyalty to Donald Trump. The book goes on to say that this friction, along with Trump’s failures in COVID-19 response, “had top staffers inside the RNC openly musing—for the first time in their lives—about not voting for the Republican nominee for president. Ultimately, some did not cast their Election Day ballot for Trump.”

The RNC’s denial is a clear sidestep:

This is not true. There was no organization or team more dedicated to re-electing President Trump than the RNC.

Notice this does not address whether individuals in the organization questioned Trump’s fitness to govern, or how individuals voted — a blanket denial, followed by an empty assertion.

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It’s not the first bombshell in the book that the subjects have scrambled to deny — Newsweek reports that Trump himself insists an exchange between himself and General Mark Milley, detailed in the book, never happened. According to Bender, Trump was angry with Milley for saying he could only serve as advisor, not “be in charge” of suppressing protests over the murder of George Floyd. When Milley grew frustrated with Trump’s insistence, he said, “There’s a room full of lawyers here. Will someone inform [Trump] of my legal responsibilities?”

Trump insists that if Milley had spoken to him so, then he’d have fired the general immediately — but Bender says he was able to confirm the details of the interaction with “multiple senior administration officials,” and that his request to Trump for comment went unanswered.

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