This GOP Rep. Wouldn’t Vote for COVID-19 Bill Because it Included Paid Sick Leave for Same-Sex Partners

It’s hard to know what Andy Biggs is for. The Arizona congressman, though, has certainly made a point of telling voters what he’s against. In 2017, he voted against a bill that would ban teens from texting and driving. In 2019, he voted against providing funds to the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

Via Gage Skidmore Flickr

And Biggs is certainly not interested in helping the victims of the COVID-19 epidemic. In Early March he voted against emergency funding to help combat the disease. And earlier this week, Biggs said that he wouldn’t vote for the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act because it provided sick leave to same-sex partners.

Biggs said of the bill, “They’ve redefined family for the first time in a piece of federal legislation to include committed relationships. The problem with that, of course, is it’s really hard to define a committed relationship and it’s really hard to define anything related to that and so they’ve tried to—they’ve put in, in my opinion—sort of an amorphous definition. But that leaves it wide open and then they expand it, expand on that.”

His actions were met with immediate criticism. GLAAD CCO Rich Ferraro remarked, “Senator Biggs’ constituents, his wife Cindy Biggs, and their family should be ashamed and angry that during a national crisis when Americans are coming together, Senator Biggs is busy continuing his long campaign to harm LGBTQ families and also using his unethical relationships with anti-LGBTQ hate groups like the Family Research Council to inaccurately claim this relief bill would ‘redefine family.'”


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