This Email Was Just Released Between Manafort and Kushner, Showing Manafort’s Corrupt Intentions

As the Paul Manafort trial continues into day 11, an email that was released within the court room, has been obtained by NBC News.  This email, as seen below, is a correspondence between former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and President Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner.

On November 20, 2017 at 3:20PM ET, Paul Manafort sent a suggestive email to Kushner, advising him on several cabinet appointments.  One such name in this email is Stephen Calk, one of the owners of the Federal Savings Bank, which Manafort is accused of conspiring with to defraud.  Calk was an owner but he also allegedly worked with Manafort to defraud his own company by issuing a loan which Manafort should not have been approved for.

“I am attaching resumes of 3 individuals who should be a part of the Trump Administration, Manafort wrote to Kushner. “All are supporters since before the nomination was secured and have been active in the campaign. The 3 indivituals are people who I believe advance DT agenda. They will be totally reliable and responsive to the Trump White House.”

Calk was looking for a job within the Trump cabinet, and Manafort tried to get him one, as outlined in the email below.  Other individuals who Manafort suggested for cabinet positions were Vernon Parker and Pat Sink.

Kushner responded to this email with a simple answer of “On it!”

(see email below – click link if it doesn’t load automatically)


It’s worth noting that Calk never received a position within the White House, and it is unknown at this point if Kushner knew anything about the loans with Calk provided to Manafort.


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