They Want a “Shopping Spree” Women For Trump Founder Makes Disgusting Claim Following Chauvin Verdict

The nation breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday when murderer Derek Chauvin was convicted on all 3 counts. If the police officer was to be acquitted of the charges, there was likely to be mass unrest across the country.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Still, the ruling upset many in the Conservative world. Fox anchors like Greg Gutfeld, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham all complained about the verdict in their own way. But Women for Trump founder, Amy Kremer, had a far more offensive claim about what may happen.

Amy Kremer took to Twitter writing, “Minneapolis is going to riot regardless. They get a free ticket for a shopping spree, so why not use it?!?”

The statement is ironic due to Kremer’s involvement with the January 6th insurrection. According to the Huffington Post, “She and her group were the main sponsor of the ‘Save America’ rally where Trump urged attendees to march on the Capitol and intimidate Vice President Mike Pence and Congress into overturning the election he had lost by 7 million votes and nevertheless installing him for a second term.”

Kremer said during the event that proceeded the January 6th riots, “We know that there was voter fraud, we absolutely know it and that’s why we’re here, to stop the steal. We’re not going to let them steal an election. You guys, we cannot back down.”

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