"They're Not Just Laughing at Me" Katie Britt Fundraises off Week of Mockery

Thinking that they needed to connect better with women voters from the suburbs, the GOP tapped Katie Britt to give the rebuttal to the State of the Union last week. To say the move backfired would be a significant understatement. 

During her 20-minute speech, Britt swung from emotion to emotion and seemed as if she was a lousy actress reading a script. Mockery for the rebuttal came from both the right and the left and Saturday Night Live parodied the event this weekend. 

Over the last week, Britt has appeared on several cable news stations attempting to clear up a story she used to mislead voters. And now she wants money for her pain, sending out a solicitation that read in part:

"My heart is broken. Not just for myself, but for my children, your children and the ENTIRE next generation of Americans. Why? Because I didn't prepare a 20-minute speech and stand up to Biden in front of millions of Americans for ME. I did it for them, for YOU and your children, Friend!"

The Alabama senator also wrote, "Friend, they're not just laughing at me. They're laughing at every single American who dares to stand up to their radical agenda. Every patriot who fights to defend their American dream."

Britt's appeal looks like it came right out of the Trump playbook on declaring yourself America's hero so it wouldn't be a surprise if it connected with MAGA-World.