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‘They Never Liked Him’: GOP Leaders Want ‘Weakened’ Trump Gone Before 2022 Midterm Elections

‘They Never Liked Him’: GOP Leaders Want ‘Weakened’ Trump Gone Before 2022 Midterm Elections

A new report from the Washington Post indicates that Donald Trump’s political future is “rapidly fading” as mainstream GOP voters and donors are ready to move on from the “weakened” twice-impeached Trump.

According to the report, Republican donors are already turning their backs on Trump, with Art Pope, a prominent North Carolina donor who supported his administration through its four years admitting, “My preference would be he not run again for a variety of reasons and let there be a good primary going forward.”

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The report depicts the growing disconnect between Trump’s demands and Republicans’ need to move on: “Similar clashes between Republican leaders and the candidates Trump has embraced have been playing out across the country with growing ferocity in recent months, a chaotic sign that Trump’s once unchallenged hold on the party and rank-and-file supporters is waning, even if by degrees,”  write the Post’s Josh Dawsey and Michael Scherer before adding that Trump’s continued focus on personal grievances is increasingly questioned behind closed doors at Republican gatherings, according to interviews with more than a dozen prominent Republicans in Washington and across the country, including some Trump advisers.”

As a result, Trump and his remaining supporters now find themselves fighting against some elected GOP leaders, donors, and party leaders who plan on turning the party slowly away from him and his false election claims. Among voters, polls have shown Republican-leaning independents moving away from Trump as well.


Most tellingly, the report quotes an attorney and Trump supporter, Matthew DePerno, who says the recent turn of events has given Republican leadership in his state an opening to dump Trump. “There are a lot of people in the state party who — they don’t like Donald Trump. They never liked him,” he said.

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Read the entire report at The Washington Post.

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