“They Don’t Want it to Work!” Watch Chris Cuomo Argue With Joe Manchin About Working With Republicans

January was a very exciting month for Democrats as Joe Biden was officially inaugurated as President. But earlier that month, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won their races to become Georgia senators. That gave Democrats control of the White House, the house and the senate.

Photo by Toni Sandys-Pool/Getty Images

With complete control, it should be much easier for Biden to pass his major pieces of legislation. And it has worked, so far, as the President passed a major relief bill in March (without GOP support). But some Democratic senators have been pushing Biden to work with Democrats to work with Republicans, especially Joe Manchin.

Manchin appeared on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show last night and the two men clashed over bi-partisanship.

Manchin: Joe Biden has got more done in a hundred days–

Cuomo: But not with them.

Manchin: –than I think any president in my time that I can recall.

Cuomo: Not with them.

Manchin: Basically, he got more done. He’s put a plan out there and he got more done.

Cuomo: But not with them!

Manchin: And he got it done, ok?

Cuomo: But not with them! Not with them.

Manchin: But you’ve heard Joe Biden. He wants it to work. It will work.

Cuomo: But they don’t want it to work! [McConnell] just told you, “I’m stopping the administration.” He just said it to you, senator.

Manchin: You don’t know.

Cuomo: He just said it!

Manchin: That was one person.

Cuomo: He’s the head.

Manchin: That’s one person.

Cuomo: He’s the leader!”

The next month will show if Manchin sticks to his guns as Biden is aiming to pass a major infrastructure bill. See a clip of the exchange below, courtesy of CNN:


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