“They Can Never Take That Number From Him”: How Trump Is Re-Branding Himself

“45” is the new “Trump.” From steaks and skyscrapers to stimulus checks and casinos, Donald Trump has spent most of adult life slapping his name in gold on everything he peddled to his adoring masses. But now that the twice-impeached, one-term former president’s surname is closely affiliated with the “big lie” of mass voter fraud and inciting a deadly insurrection, the ever image-conscious Trump has gone into full-scale re-branding mode.

All across his political and digital properties Trump is showcasing his chronological position as the country’s 45th president at the expense of “Trump.” Just last week he cemented his position as the former guy by launching his official post-presidency website 45Office.com. The website’s home page features a large format slideshow of photos showing Trump with wife Melania and him at various events that took place during his presidency, but of course makes no mention of the many blemishes that stain his presidency. Most other former presidents include their names in their website addresses.

If, for some reason, you wanted to check out his political action committee you would have to type in “SaveAmerica45.com” – no “Trump” required. Want to mentally flog yourself with tweets from his now banned Twitter feed? Go to @WhiteHouse45. Trump even has the number 45 embroidered on his French cuffs and golf hats.

Former political adviser Sam Nunberg sums up Trump’s strategy thusly: “They can never take that number away from him. Just psychologically, when you say President [Jimmy] Carter or you say President George H.W. Bush, you think ‘one-term president.’ But if you put the number, 45th president, the connection doesn’t come that fluidly. It also may help him avoid a reminder of being a loser.”

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