These Ohio Republicans Seek To Declare ‘President Donald J.Trump Day’ Officially

Two Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives feel their state should officially honor ex-President Donald Trump on his birthday. They’re seeking co-sponsors for a bill that would write “President Donald J. Trump Day” into law.

Trump and Ohio
[Photographer: Maddie McGarvey/Bloomberg via Getty Image]

Statehouse News Bureau‘s Karen Kasler shared a memo from two Ohio House Republicans, Jon Cross and Reggie Stolzfus, in which they seek co-sponsors to support legislation that would celebrate Trump as “one of the greatest presidents in American history,” and proclaiming that he accomplished unspecified “many things that have led our nation to unparalleled prosperity.”

While Trump won Ohio by about 8%, he lost re-election, and also lost the popular vote nationwide. Despite his continued claims, he left the White House on January 20, and President Joe Biden was sworn in.

Cross and Stolzfus say that their legislation would ensure that every year going forward, the 3 million Ohioans who voted for Trump would be commemorated, and it would reflect that Trump “personifie[s] the emotions” of these voters.

June 19th is both Flag Day and the former president’s birthday, and would be designated as the day of celebration of his single term.

Meanwhile, Trump, who holds the distinction of being the first U.S. President to be impeached twice and lose the popular vote twice, is in Florida, where he claims to have established the Office of the Former President, is issuing memos in which he calls himself President Trump, and is awaiting trial for the second impeachment, as well as actions on his other legal troubles.

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