These Jackasses Are Putting Children’s Lives in Jeopardy to Prove a Point: Watch Joe Scarborough Slam Republicans

The Delta variant of COVID is surging in many red states around the country. The problem has gotten so bad that some Republicans are even encouraging their constituents to get vaccinated.

Photo by Shannon Finney/WireImage

But there is still a whole lot of resistance to the use of facemasks. During his Thursday show, Joe Scarborough blasted Republicans for putting children’s lives in danger for a political stunt.

The Morning Joe host began, “If they don’t care about anybody else outside of their family, worry about their children, other people’s children, their loved ones. As we had in a report earlier this week, in Alabama emergency rooms a lot more children this year than there were last year with the delta variant. I’m hearing the same thing out of Florida, emergency rooms and hospitals that the pediatric wards are finding a lot more of an impact for younger children this year than last year because of the delta variant.”

Scarborough continued:

“There is so much at stake here, and I do expect more members, more members of the press getting angry about the fact that a lot of these jackasses are literally putting their children’s lives in danger because they’re trying to make a political point — a stupid political point, but a political point all the same. It’s like last year, in the middle of a pandemic that killed over 600,000 people, what was it, Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, was making fun of — Jake [Sherman], it may have been you — ‘You look funny in that mask.

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