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There’s A Massive Gender Pay Gap In White House Salaries

There’s A Massive Gender Pay Gap In White House Salaries

Photo Credit: US Department of Education

Women working in Donald Trump’s White House are being paid 37% less than their male counterparts. The gender pay gap is worse than the national gap that existed three decades ago.

CNN reported that the average woman staffer earns $84,500 per year while male staffers take home $105,000 per year, a 20% pay gap.

When median salaries are compared, an analysis by Mark Perry, an economist at conservative think tank the American Enterprise Institute, found that women currently working at the White House earn a median salary of $72,650, while men make $115,000. That’s nearly a 37% pay difference between men and women who work directly under Trump.

In comparison, there was a 12% pay gap between men and women in the Obama White House in 2013.

Perry perfectly sums up why this gap has increased — Trump isn’t placing women in top positions.

“Of the top 101 highest-paid employees at the White House, nearly three out of four (73.3 percent) are men,” he writes in his report. “In contrast, of the 102 lowest-paid White House employees, nearly six out of 10 (59.2 percent) are female.”

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It’s probably not just an issue of Trump failing to hire women, but also a lack of women who actually want to work for the pussy grabbing President.

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