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There’s A Donald Trump Deplorable Coin And It’s Making America Great Again

There’s A Donald Trump Deplorable Coin And It’s Making America Great Again

In January 2016 America held the largest inauguration ceremony in the history of the world, the galaxy, nay, the universe, at least that’s the way the 45th President of the United States tells the story. In reality, the crowd was meager and the President’s ego was bigly crushed.

The Deplorable Coin

Fast forward more than two years later and President Trump’s lies continue to spew forth like a shitty infomercial for Acai Berries – “act now and lose your extra fat and tone up your body, so you too can look like Trump’s ‘lean’ (another lie) 236-pound public persona.”

Wow, that was a bit off track. Let’s come back down to earth and remind ourselves that Donald Trump has spewed more than 10,000+ lies. Honestly, we’ve lost track of the President’s false claims because so many of his rants are impossible to understand.

Not only are Trump’s supporters okay with his lies, but they’ve also actually taken on the moniker of being “deplorable” — something they wear as a badge of honor.

With Donald Trump, we’ve instead been granted a view of what the world could look like if the President of the free world falls in love with his dictator buddies and gives them all the lip service they could ever desire from their enemy state.

So what can we do about it? Since the GOP won’t take action our best recourse, at least for now, is to hit Trump where it hurts him the most — his ego. That’s where The Deplorable Coin comes into play.

Manufactured in China, this elegant coin, made from the remnants of one of Donald Trump’s old penthouse toilets (we can’t confirm nor deny this), the Deplorable Coin is a reminder that our President is probably sociopathic or at least an inept leader of the free world.

The team behind The Deplorable Coin are currently in hiding, they could be your neighbor, your friend, or perhaps even Mike Pence… We’ll never tell.

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What we can tell you is that the coin is free, you just pay shipping and handling. They’re even throwing in a roll of Dump Trump toilet paper and an official copy of the heavily redacted Mueller Report.

Watch the hilarious commercial for The Deplorable Coin and then head over to GetDeplorable.com to have one of these limited edition coins whisked off to your location.

Remember, together we are stronger, especially when it comes to dealing with our erratic, lying, self-serving POTUS.

As an added bonus: 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the ACLU of San Diego to help get control of this border situation.

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