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“There Goes My Brand Loyalty” Twitter Reacts To Toyota’s Political Donations

“There Goes My Brand Loyalty” Twitter Reacts To Toyota’s Political Donations

After the January 6th attempted insurrection by supporters of then-president Donald Trump, a lot of big corporate donors announced that they’d withhold donations from legislators who were supportive of the attackers, including those who still voted to reject the election outcome after the attack. However, not all companies are changing their ways, and some consumers aren’t happy.

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Here’s a Sunday report from Axios on corporations still donating money to legislators who objected to the outcome of the 2020 election, even after seeing that the Big Lie was endangering (and costing) lives. They document Toyota as having handed over more than $50k to these Republicans, more even than Koch Industries. In fact, Toyota stands out as the biggest donor by a long shot.

When asked, Toyota responded by saying, “We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification.”

How do people feel about this?

Judging from the response on social media, not too positively.

Toyota is trending on Twitter, in fact, and the tweets predominantly look like those above. There are a lot of people saying they won’t consider a Toyota again, or that they’ll even get rid of one they currently have, and of course, a lot of memes using Toyota’s own ad lines combined with insurrection images to cement the connection between the two. The company has not, at this time, responded to the outpouring of negative feedback.

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