There Are Two Kinds Of Republican: Liar & Sucker, Says Former GOP Policy Advisor

The Republican Party is now made up of two kinds of people, according to one former strategist. Michael Gerson served as a senior policy advisor and speechwriter during the George W. Bush Administration, and now he’s addressing the current state of the GOP.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

In an opinion for the Washington Post, Gerson divides Republicans into two groups: the liars, who know that their party’s “defining falsehood” — the lie that there was election fraud and that Donald Trump actually won — isn’t true, but perpetuate it anyway, in the name of party fidelity.

He describes the purpose of Trump’s lies, and how they force his followers to let go of objective reality.

“A founding lie is intended to remove followers from the messy world of facts and evidence. It is designed to replace critical judgment with personal loyalty. It is supposed to encourage distrust of every source of social authority opposed to the leader’s shifting will.”

However, while he considers most leadership to fall into the ‘liars’ category, he has a different view where the average Trump supporter is concerned, leaving them to occupy his second category.

“The people who accepted this political mythology and stormed the Capitol were not lying about their views. They seemed quite sincere.”

Trump recently tried to rebrand this particular foundational lie, releasing a statement insisting that those perpetuating the “Big Lie” are actually Democrats and anyone else in touch with reality enough to affirm that the election was free and fair and that the outcome was the honest result of America rejecting Trump.

Read Gerson’s full piece here.

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