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The Worst of the Worst: Watch as Jimmy Kimmel Eviscerates Matt Gaetz

The Worst of the Worst: Watch as Jimmy Kimmel Eviscerates Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz has never held back on criticizing people in his world. And that extends to members of the GOP as well. This January, he held a rally in Liz Cheney’s home state of Wyoming, attacking her for the congresswoman’s vote to impeach Donald Trump. He also ripped into Texas GOP candidate Dan Rodimer for being “all hat, no cattle.”

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But now the shoe is on the other foot. Gaetz is being investigated for a serious crime and few in the GOP are rushing to his defense. And late night talk show hosts are all over the Florida Rep. During his Tuesday show, Jimmy Kimmel ripped into Gaetz, calling him “the worst of the worst.”

Kimmel first mocked Gaetz for his awkward Monday night interview on Fox News. The late night host said of Tucker Carlson, “This is a man who interviewed someone who claimed Hillary Clinton was running a satanic pedophile operation out of a pizza place. There’s always a twist.”

The host then moved onto the Florida congressman. “Matt Gaetz is basically the shrimp tail in your Cinnamon Toast Cruch. He is not well-liked by anyone. And he is reportedly being investigated by the Department of Justice. They’re looking into whether or not he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and paid for her travel across state lines, which becomes sex trafficking.”

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Kimmel continued, “He’s one of the worst of the worst. Even his fellow Republicans are reportedly celebrating this. But not only does Gaetz deny the charges, he tried to explain to Tucker Carlson last night that the real victim is him!”

Watch a clip of the segment below:

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