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The World According to Voight: “Biden is Evil. Trump Must Win. He’s Real.”

The World According to Voight: “Biden is Evil. Trump Must Win. He’s Real.”

It has all the energy and panache of a hostage video. Once respected actor Jon Voight looks directly into the camera. Behind him is a dimly lit American flag and and drafting table lamp, barely illuminating a blank wall. With no fanfare, no music, Voight stares you down and says in the coldest of opens: “Biden is evil. Trump must win. He’s real.”

Thus begins the two-minute video message the Donald Trump-supporting actor posted Friday on Twitter. “These leftists are not for the people. It’s the biggest coverup ever. Biden is an extension of the policies of Obama that weakened America and we cannot let that happen again.”

The 81-year-old actor repeatedly invokes God in this haunting production. “My children of God your only hope is to see this greatness and you must vote for this man in office, the president of the United States Donald J. Trump, for he is a man of integrity, fighting for you and this country’s welfare.

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The bizarre video concludes: “Let us all pray and may God give us strength that we may shine in the name of Jesus and Moses and saints of all religions. May we hold God’s torch of truths and pray for world peace, for the U.S. to bring her nation’s flag to wave its pride with President Donald Trump 2020. God bless.”

This is act two of Voight’s Trump-supporting performance. In July he posted a video titled “Faith and Trust,” in which he urged voters to “follow this truth, and no one will knock you down. Begone with noise that has no matter. Jericho will bring forth a testament that reminds them to drop their swords and show who’s the hero.”

Trump, of course, retweeted both videos, although early this morning he misspelled the actor’s first name while expressing his appreciation: “John, thank you. Such a great honor!”

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