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The “War-Time” President Has Gone AWOL: Watch Anderson Cooper Rip Trump for Deserting the Country

The “War-Time” President Has Gone AWOL: Watch Anderson Cooper Rip Trump for Deserting the Country

When the COVID-19 pandemic first appeared in the United States, Donald Trump attempted to project himself as a leader. While he continued to downplay the seriousness of the virus and refused to wear a mask, he also said that he was a “war-time” president ready to go to battle with COVID-19.

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That was, however, before he lost the 2020 election. A humiliated Trump has essentially stopped performing the duties of president. He is happy to deliver pardons or go play golf, but other than that, the president isn’t seen much. On Monday night, Anderson Cooper ripped Trump for failing the American people.

The CNN host began by mentioning that Monday was the anniversary of the bombing on Pearl Harbor and compared Trump’s leadership to than of Franklin Roosevelt. He then said of the president:

“President Trump is the one who likened this to a war. He called himself, in fact, the ‘war-time president.’ That was a long time ago. Those were the days he wanted to be seen as commander-in-chief, leading the effort, when he took over the coronavirus stress briefings and then stopped listening to the doctors who actually knew what they were doing. Now, the president doesn’t seem concerned about being a war-time commander. If anything he seems like a deserter. He’s absent. The American people have given him leave, voting him out of the ballot box, but he still has some weeks left. He has chosen to go AWOL.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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