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‘The View’ Rips ‘Twitter Troll’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Transphobic Comments

‘The View’ Rips ‘Twitter Troll’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Transphobic Comments

The cast of ABC’s The View tore into Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for a despicably transphobic banner she posted outside of the office of Representative Marie Newman (D-IL), whose daughter is transgender, while the House of Representatives debated LGBTQ protections embedded within the Equality Act.

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“There are TWO genders: Male & Female. Trust The Science!” it read.

Host Sunny Hostin blasted Greene for her lack of empathy and icy bigotry:

We had this discussion, Joy, earlier this week about happiness in children, and I remember you telling me that parents are generally as happy as their least happy child, and I always think that when my children aren’t happy, I am devastated. right? I have a visceral reaction to anyone that hurts my child. I feel their pain, and I start to think, what happened to that type of empathy between mothers that generally we really do have, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, she knows that her colleague has a transgender child, and even if you don’t agree with whatever you don’t agree with, why would you taunt a mother? I immediately thought, you know, what a terrible, terrible display for a colleague, for a mother, and thank god she was stripped of her Educational Committee assignment, because that is the kind of thing that she would be doing and be politicking on in Congress. Can you imagine that? It was pretty despicable, because this is just a human rights issue, it’s an issue about kindness, isn’t it?

Co-Host Joy Behar agreed, remarking that “yes it is – some people are just not cut out – they don’t have that maternal feeling, I guess.”

Behar asked panelist Meghan McCain “if the country is ever going to make progress on these issues with people like Marjorie Taylor Greene in office, Meghan?”

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Meghan noted that making a scene is all that Greene – who was stripped of her committee positions – has left:

Look, Marjorie Taylor Greene is like a Twitter troll come to life. I hate theatrics in politics. I hate people that go to Congress and have no respect for their colleagues on the other side, and clearly don’t want to make any kind of real change. It’s just very disheartening and sad to see on a just strictly political level. Committees take place for a reason, and Republicans and Democrats should be meeting together, meeting in the middle and having conversations for the good of the American public, and I think what’s so sad to see is we’re sitting in a place where Marjorie Taylor Greene are just doing it for the clicks and not doing it for any other reasons. She has ostensibly no power in Congress anymore. She’s a first-term rank-and-file member and the only thing she can do is do these sort of theatrical clips that get her on the first hot topic on The View on Friday morning.

Watch below:

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