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The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Is Going After Donald Trump Over Trade War

The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Is Going After Donald Trump Over Trade War

Donald Trump’s trade war and policies, in general, are now being attacked by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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The agency, according to Reuters, has begun launching a campaign that pushes back against the President’s trade war. Starting on Monday, the campaign focuses on tariffs being issued by China, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union.

It’s common knowledge these days that after Trump issued 25% tariffs on steel and 10% tariffs on aluminum, other countries promised to retaliate. One of the first efforts to fight back came in the form of $50 billion in tariffs issued on 545 product categories by China.

The Chamber of Commerce is focusing their efforts at the state level. For example, one campaign says South Carolina will have $3 billion worth of exports targeted by retaliatory tariffs.

South Carolina is not the only state expected to suffer, Iowa pork producers could lose $560 million from a Mexico tariff on the product. That same state, which flipped for Trump in 2016, is also expected to lose $624 million in soybean sales after China issued sweeping tariffs in response to Trump.

We reported on Sunday that Canada has slapped the United States with $13 billion in tariffs. Our friendly neighbors to the North target many items that benefit southern products of exported products.

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“The administration is threatening to undermine the economic progress it worked so hard to achieve,” Chamber President Tom Donohue told Reuters. “We should seek free and fair trade, but this is just not the way to do it.”

In the meantime, China has promised that the second wave of tariffs are on the way while Donald Trump has promised to increase his efforts against automobile manufacturers who he believes are taking advantage of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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