The Trump Team Refused to Grant Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett a Press Pass During Latest Rally

While still a student at Kent State, Kaitlin Bennett posed for a picture with her graduation outfit and a large gun. The photo went semi-viral with Conservative outlets like Fox News eating it up. Bennett turned the notoriety into sort of a career, creating a website and producing videos.

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Considering herself a member of the press, the activist recently requested press passes for Trump’s Sarasota, Florida rally. She is now furious, though, as the Trump Team denied her credentials.

Salon’s Zachary Petrizzo tweeted, “Infamous right-wing activist and “gun girl” Kaitlin Bennett was denied press credentials by the Trump camp to Trump’s Sarasota rally tonight – which has created a bit of drama on the right.”

Bennett responded to the matter by asking on Gab, “We applied for media credentials for the upcoming Trump rally and were promptly denied. Why do the people around Trump keep trying to alienate their biggest supporters that have risked injury, doxxing, censorship, and harassment to promote his campaign?”

The gun activist continued;

“Trump is banned from social media, as are many of his voters. Others are in jail for supporting him. The media won’t cover his rallies. Those that do like RSBN get banned. Along comes Liberty Hangout with a reach of millions, and the Trump team bans us from giving a voice to his voiceless supporters. Apparently hoping that the left will one day like Trump is more important than the people that already do.”

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