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The Trump Reinstatement Conspiracy Goalpost Moves Again: November Is The New Focus

The Trump Reinstatement Conspiracy Goalpost Moves Again: November Is The New Focus

It cannot be said enough: there is no mechanism in U.S. law for ‘reinstating’ a former president who lost his re-election campaign. Also, Donald Trump did not win the 2020 election, and no amount of repeating the Big Lie will make it a truth. Still, the Big Lie and its little cousin, the Reinstatement Theory, both seem to be profitable, and their purveyors are selling them happily.

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One aspect of the reinstatement theory — the conspiracy theory that says Trump will somehow be made president again by means other than winning a future election — is that it must always have a timeline, with the promised payout just far enough in the future to keep believers hanging on. Mike Lindell, who has this process down to an art, recently moved his promised due date out from August to September.

Now, self-proclaimed prophet Robin Bullock is pushing it back to November, and he claims that God told him so. See a clip from his appearance on Elijah List below, or the full interview here.

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Bullock doesn’t quite, in this statement, declare that the “something” that will happen is Trump’s reinstatement, but he’s already promised this. In March, he assured believers that they must pray and “call [Trump] back,” that “he’s the president, and he’s supposed to walk back in that office,” and that “Once he knows the prophets are calling, he’ll come.”

In this latest ‘prophecy,’ Bullock says that God has already decided Trump’s path, and that he’ll start taking actions this month, and that once that begins, it will be one rapid development after another, which he hints, but doesn’t say, will culminate in Trump resuming power. He tells listeners to pay attention between now and November for these developments.

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