The Trump Campaign is Sending Emails and Robo Calls Encouraging Vote by Mail

Donald Trump has made no secret of this thoughts on voting by mail. While he has taking advantage of the program, himself, he feels that any expansion of the program would create widespread fraud. His claims are nearly completely unfounded as all states have some kind of absentee ballot program.

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[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]
GOP operatives around the country, however, are concerned that the President’s frequent attacks on absentee balloting could depress Republican turnout. So as the President repeatedly rails against the program, his own campain is sending emails and robocalls to encourage it.

Andrew Kacynzski from CNN wondered, “Why did the RNC run robocalls with Lara Trump calling mail-in ballots safe and secure i the California special election this spring? In that election, every voter was mailed a ballot. The same plan California has for the whole state.”

The campaign also wanted to make sure that Pennsylvania voters were taking advantage of the program. An email by by Team Trump read, “The Pennsylvania primary is right around the corner and now you can vote from home for President Trump. This is the FIRST time that every registered voter in Pennsylvania can avoid the line by requesting a ballot.”

The email message concluded, “President Trump is counting on you to vote for him and make sure that he has HISTORIC voter turnout in Pennsylvania. Request your balot and cast your vote from home.”


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