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The Trump Baby Blimp Becomes a Fan Favorite Mockery at Politicon

The Trump Baby Blimp Becomes a Fan Favorite Mockery at Politicon

It burst onto the scenes back in July when it flew over Edinburgh and London, but now the famous (or perhaps infamous) Trump baby blimp has made its way all the way to Los Angeles in time for the Politicon conference.

In reality, it’s not actually the same blimp, but rather a copy of the original, and one of six that an activist group here int he United States has purchased.  Now the Backbone Campaign is exhibiting the balloon with an uncanny likeness to the president whenever they can get the opportunity.

Social media has been buzzing with photos taken of this YUGE balloon, as it has been situated inside the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend, and hundreds of people have been taking to social media to share their photos with and of the famous blimp.

“So I was wondering where Trump’s political ideas and policies come from and I found it,” writes Billybennight on Instagram. “I strolled to the back of Baby Trump and there it was. The diaper is covering where all of Trumps ideas come from, but we all have good imaginations and we know what’s behind Mr. Poopy-pants party-poopin ideas!”

Other people were simply just happy to get a selfie or photograph standing in front of the enormous balloon.

Some people took an opportunity to take photos of the balloon from different viewpoints within the convention center in order to create a bit of their own narrative, such as jdi3ofus who shows the orange creature peaking over a wall.

Or, in the case of Instagram user dangitjess, implying that Trump’s head simply isn’t really that large, while others focused on the size of his hands.

Many people simply stood in front of the blimp, showing their displeasure with the helium-filled representation of the 45th president.

Even Benjamin Franklin didn’t seem too happy.


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