The Tiger King To Lobby White House For Pardon

Joe Exotic of Tiger King fame will reportedly seek a presidential pardon from Donald Trump. The pardon will be in regards to the murder for hire charge, involving Joe’s archenemy Carol Baskin.  President Trump jokingly floated the idea of pardoning the animal abuser in a coronavirus press conference recently. Apparently, the “Tiger King” wants to take the president up on that offer. His plan is to actively lobby the White House for the pardon.

Joe exotic was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill Carol Baskin, his sworn enemy. Exotic will claim that he was wrongly convicted.  “President Trump, Please Pardon Joe Exotic,” is a slogan wrapped around a bus. The images were posted by TMZ.


The case came to fame with the Netflix documentary, “The Tiger King.” The series showed Joe Exotic constantly threatening to kill Baskin. Exotic even went as far as doing mock killings of Baskin on his web tv channel.  Joe Exotic has claimed that he did not mean the threats seriously.


What is interesting is that Joe’s defense will mostly lean on the testimony of the supposed hitman, Allen Glover. Glover was at one time a zoo employee and testified at Exotic’s trial that he was given $3,000 to perform the hit on Carole Baskin. Glover said during a TMZ special that he was happy to send Exotic down the river. He even used the term “payback” in his comments. Comments like this could give Joe Exotic the ammunition he needs for his defense. He could argue that Allen lied to get revenge.


The Netflix series highlights the decade long feud between Exotic and Baskin.  During the feud, Baskin accused Exotic of abusing his animals which eventually lead to inspectors into looking at Exotic. His habitat was eventually closed down due to violations.



The most famous accusation is Joe Exotic accusing Baskin of killing her second husband and feeding him to her tigers. Only time will tell if Trump was indeed joking about the pardon or if Joe Exotic will remain convicted.


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