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The Texas GOP Just Featured This Extremist Leader at Its Border Rally

The Texas GOP Just Featured This Extremist Leader at Its Border Rally

There were a number of militia groups that took part in the January insurrection on the Capitol. Among the mos prominent of these groups is the Oath Keepers. So far, at least 9 members of the militia have been arrested for their roles in the riot.

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The Oath Keepers were founded by Stewart Rhodes who is referred to as an anti-government extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He has yet to be charged with any crimes stemming from January 6th. And Rhodes is staying in the public eye. He recently spoke at a Texas border rally along with a number of semi-prominent Republicans.

The rally was called, We The People Stand For Border Security. Other speakers at the event included Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West, and former GOP candidates, Jennifer Fleck, Sandra Whitten and Dan Rodimer.

The militia founder noted that he could be facing jail time like others in his group. He recently said, “I may go to jail soon. Not for anything I actually did, but for made-up crimes.”

Rhodes told the assembled crowd, “We’re facing a communist overthrow of our nation, and this is a fact. You now have a foreign power, the Chinese and the globalists, who have illegitimately installed their puppet, the ChiCom puppet Biden, through a stolen election.”

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The militia leader also warned:

“If we actually intended to take over the Capitol, we’d have taken it, and we’d have brought guns. That’s not why we were there that day. We were there to protect Trump supporters from antifa. They don’t understand that below the surface, there’s a great mass of other patriots, other veterans, and current-serving, who feel exactly the same way. And they will never find out who they are until it’s too late. Hooah!”

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