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The State of Idaho is Charging My Pillow Guy $6K For Combatting His Election Lies

The State of Idaho is Charging My Pillow Guy $6K For Combatting His Election Lies

Donald Trump still thinks that he won the 2020 election. But he knows that talking about it is getting old. When Trump goes through his election fraud laments during his rallies, it is clear that his heart isn’t in it.

[Screenshot from War Room Podcast via FrankSpeech]
But there is one person left still furiously fighting the 2020 election regardless of how much it costs him; Mike Lindell. And now, the state of Idaho is demanding that Lindell pay the state more than $6,000 over his false election claims.

Idaho seems to be a strange state for the pillow guy to be accusing of fraud. Trump won the state and its four electoral votes by more than 30%. Then again, Lindell has pretty much been swinging wildly for months.

The state’s Secretary of State, Lawerence Denney, and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden sent Lindell a cease and desist letter over the matter on Thursday. They request that the pillow guy “promptly remove all false statements about Idaho’s elections from your website” and “refrain from making similar statements in the future.”

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The letter also notes, “Despite knowing your statements about Idaho’s elections are false, you have not removed your ‘Big Lie’ chart and continue to perpetuate your false statements.”

In addition to the desist requests, Idaho asks Lindell to pay the state $6,558.83. This is the amount they estimate it has cost the state to fight the pillow guy’s claims.

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