The State Department Endorsed Mar-a-Lago Then Immediately Deleted Its Blog Post

The U.S. State Department was forced to remove a blog post after it endorsed President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and then faced swift public backlash.

The post was initially published on ShareAmerica.gov, a platform used by the State Department and touted as a platform developed to share “compelling stories.”

Outcry was immediately felt because the post endorsed the history of Trump’s “Winter White House.” The post was seen as endorsing the President’s business interests.

“The intention of the article was to inform the public about where the President has been hosting world leaders,” the page now reads. “We regret any misperception and have removed the post.”

Here’s the notice that was posted after the article was written.

The Hill was the first to point out that ethics watchdogs have long warned about the potential conflict of interest posed by the Florida resort.

On Monday, CNN host Jake Tapper slammed the “shameless promotion” of the blog post.

“Well, they’re just shamelessly promoting his products on U.S. government, taxpayer-financed websites,” Tapper said. “And we know that Mar-a-Lago has benefited from President Trump being elected president.”

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