“The Seditious Four” Gaetz, Greene, Gosar, & Gohmert Earn New Capitol Hill Nickname With Latest Stunt

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) have teamed up to earn a new title in Congress: The Seditious Four. The label was used by a House Leadership aide, describing some of the group’s latest political stunts — in particular, defending and rebranding a group of Trump supporters who carried out an attack on American democracy.

[Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images]

Plenty of Republicans have defended the attack on the Capitol Building, but these four have taken it to a new extreme, insisting that the people who are facing charges stemming from storming the building where Congress was at work, breaking windows, assaulting police, and threatening the lives of elected officials, and in fact, planning ahead to cache weapons off-site for quick retrieval, are actually “political prisoners,” who are being treated unfairly.

There’s plenty to be said about prison reform, the cash bail system, and what we consider to be cruel and unusual punishment, but that would ideally be applied broadly, not used to paint a group of extremists who tried to force Congress to undo the 2020 election as victims.

Still, Marjorie Taylor Greene has complained that asylum seekers entering the country aren’t treated worse than insurrectionists. Their little clique has referred to these Trump supporters as ‘political prisoners,’ suggested they’re only facing charges to support a narrative, rather than because of a near-endless amount of video evidence from that day, and even tried to pass the blame to the FBI.

Tuesday afternoon they’ve planned a protest at the U.S. Justice Department to proclaim that it’s unfair to hold this group accountable for their alleged actions, and one Capitol staffer speaking to Guardian US reporter Hugo Lowell pinned them with an apt team name.

The Seditious Four.

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