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The RNC Will Feature “A-List” Celebrities Like Scott Baio and Diamond and Silk

The RNC Will Feature “A-List” Celebrities Like Scott Baio and Diamond and Silk

Donald Trump has long admired actors, actresses, and musicians. The President even hosted a show called Celebrity Apprentice where he got to come into contact with a number of stars. The stars don’t quite love him back that way he’d like, though.

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It is not uncommon for celebrities to speak at a National convention. The 2016 Democratic convention featured musical performances from Katie Perry and Alicia Keys and speeches by Elizabeth Banks and Sarah Silverman. The stars appearing at the 2020 RNC won’t be quite as prominent.

Hollywood Insider Mike Sington tweeted on Monday, “Trump’s Campaign announces its all-star line-up of speakers for new scaled-down Republican Convention. Ted Nugent, Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato Jr, and Diamond and Silk will all appear virtually in Zoom boxes before Trump’s acceptance speech. You can already feel the electricity.”

Most of these speakers have been in the news recently.

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Diamond and Silk spent much of March and April sharing conspiracy theories about Covid-19. In late April, Fox announced that they would no longer be appearing on the network because of this.

Antonio Sabato Jr. has been a fan of Trump since the very start and spoke at the 2016 RNC. He recently claimed that he’d been “blacklisted” by Hollywood due to his support for the GOP.

Ted Nugent isn’t just a fan of the President, he is also a board member of the National Rifle Association. Nugent has commonly made controversial statements that adhere to his political conservatism. Weeks ago, he compared AR-15 owners to Rosa Parks.

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