The Right Is Now Attacking Lincoln Project As “Pedophiles” Because They Mock Republicans

Q-anon may have only ever gotten one thing right, but that one thing would be the target audience. The far-right is obsessed with seeing pedophilia in everyone they disagree with — and the Lincoln Project is a favorite target.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 07: Rick Wilson speaks on stage at the “2020 Vision: Political Roundtable” panel at the on November 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company)

The Lincoln Project began as a group of Republicans opposing Donald Trump. They felt he didn’t represent the values of their party, so they began a mission to get rid of Trump and Trumpism. In fact, as Washington Post reported, when they learned a co-founder had a secret life in which he sent sexual messages to other men, which he claimed were consensual but his targets saw as harassment, rather than defending, excusing, or lying about it, they immediately disavowed him and cut all ties.

One day last week, as part of his very typical Twitter day, Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson retweeted someone else mocking Trumpublicans, and added his own insult.

MSNBC‘s Chris Hayes tweeted about Republicans who seem to like being very wrong, very publicly, though he didn’t name names, but some news stories of that day include Trump’s Independence Day rally in Alabama being canceled, Rudy Giuliani as the subject of another Federal investigation, and Fox News admitting to breaking NYC human rights laws, among others.

Hayes described this as conservatives “harbor[ing] such intense humiliation fetishes,” and Rick Wilson retweeted that, adding his own descriptors, calling such folks “dirty boys” who like to have their “backsides paddled by trained professionals.”

Now, we could probably have some very frank discussions about sex-shaming and kink-shaming here, but ultimately, nothing in this tweet references pedophilia or homosexuality.

In Wilson’s own words he names the “dirty boys” as being “in Washington” — implying he’s talking about elected representatives, all of whom are adults. There’s no indication of whom (or what gender) the “trained professionals” are, either literally or metaphorically — in context, it’s probably a safe assumption that he is actually talking about fact-checkers, news reporters, or others who “humiliate” said representatives by catching them in lies.

That didn’t stop conservatives, perhaps offended by their perceived inclusion in the descriptors, from jumping on it to declare the entire Lincoln Project pedophiles (and, as so common on the right, to conflate that with homosexuality).

Here’s Laura Loomer (R-FL), 2022 Congressional candidate, using a screenshot of the tweet to justify characterizing the group as “homosexual pedos.”

[Screenshot via Laura Loomer/Telegram]

In additional posts, she shared USA Today‘s piece about Democrat Joe Trippi joining the Lincoln Project to battle Trumpism, called the group a “Super PAC version of NAMBLA” and described the partnership as “Democrats teaming up with pedophiles to dunk on Donald Trump.”

[Screenshot via Laura Loomer/Telegram]

She wasn’t the only one. Fox News denounced the tweet as “creepy” and described Wilson as being “excoriated” for it.

Milo Yiannapoulos, perpetual provocateur currently marketing himself as “ex-gay” and who is, according to Indy100, planning to open a conversion therapy center and is soliciting donations to do so, also weighed in, sharing the Fox article and declaring “every single person associated with the Lincoln Project” a pedophile.

[Screenshot via Milo Yiannopoulos/Telegram]

On Twitter, too, the story spread, with users echoing the words of their preferred influencers, declaring the Lincoln Project to be “NAMBLA disguised as a Super PAC” or “completely outed as a money-laundering scheme full of pedophiles.”

Of course, none offered any evidence for their claims, but the predominant appearance was that many had read Wilson’s tweet and leapt straight to thoughts of homosexuality or pedophilia, and declared that proof of Lincoln Project’s predilections rather than their own assumptions.

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