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The Republican Healthcare Plan is a Voter Play And Nothing More

The Republican Healthcare Plan is a Voter Play And Nothing More

A Kaiser’s analysis of tax subsidies when looking at Obamacare vs. the House discussion draft has proven one scary point — it’s about middle-class and rich voters while the poor are left in the dust.

The Obamacare plan that is currently in place provides subsidies to those who need it most while the Republican plan provides subsidies to everyone, including well-off citizens.

For the GOP, this makes sense. Sad but effective sense. 

Under Obamacare, subsidies phase out too soon and the poor get Medicaid and the near-poor get generally decent subsidies. In comparison, the middle class is left out entirely.

The Republican plan on the flip side provides bigger subsidies for working and middle-class families by cutting subsidies for the poor.

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So what does it all mean?

Republicans are able to appease two groups that vote for the party in high numbers while hurting a group that is less likely to vote.

The one missing element here is how Republicans will help elderly patients who tend to vote red in every local, state, and federal election. We have a feeling Paul Ryan probably has something up his sleeve.

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